Show and Tell


I am a Toronto teacher/writer. I studied economics and statistics for eight years and took a grad school course in international monetary economics with one of the last living students of John Maynard Keynes. I was the news editor for Excalibur (York University’s student newspaper), dropped out of my Ph.D. once I figured out that economics was pretty useless, got a “real job” for nine months- ¬†working for a farmers’ lobby group- taught at a college, and then became a high school teacher.

After spending a decade kayaking, climbing and hiking, I decided to start writing and worked at the Humber School for Writers with Timothy Findley and at the Vermont College of Fine Arts with Richard McCann, Andre Dubus III and Lee Martin.

Writing is harder than climbing 5.10, hiking the West Coast Trail, or rolling a kayak!

My nonfiction rests on two legs: one leg stands on my¬†memory and one leg stands on the reader’s. My fiction has no legs. The novel I am writing is a slippery fish and I’m still trying to land the sucker.